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Land Maintenance

Custom Fence & Gate Installation

Custom Fence & Gate Installation & Land Clearing

Here at BBS we come from a long line of farm and ranch people. We have decades of experience maintaining land, fence lines, driveways, easements, waterways and drainage systems. We also build and install gates and fences - cedar, chain-link and barbed wire.

Recently we looked into forestry mulchers as a way to clear land for general use and pastures but what we found was not the best way to go. Mulching simply leaves a huge mess in most areas of native forest that is full of cedar. The cedar mulch does not decompose to add nutrients back to the soil, and the mulch is so thick that nothing worthwhile can grow through it. The other downside is that over a short period of time the soil start to shrink as the cedar roots loose their moisture, and this causes the stumps to "grow" six or eight inches - enough to take out an axle or damage a brush-hog. Mulchers have their place in mowing small hardwoods and clearing brush but the root balls still need killed to prevent regrowth. We do use a mulcher but not for land clearing services on a large scale.

For small plots we use a process that completely removes the tree after which it can be burnt or harvested. We have had chairs, tables, benches, lamps and clocks all made from lumber harvested on site. This is a way to stay connected with your land and enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind piece of woodwork. Please see our gallery for a few examples of harvested wood furniture made by local craftsmen.

We can clear and clean your plot, level and grade it, rake, seed and fertilize, and get you a productive plot for a garden, yard or deer forage.

Tree clearing and emergency tree removal services.